Cincinnati Memorial Hall


Cincinnati Memorial Hall was built in 1908 by the architect Samuel Hannaford and is listed as a National Historic Landmark. Located on Elm Street in the Over the Rhine district of Cincinnati it served as a meeting place for generations of Cincinnati veterans. While most of its collection of military memorabilia has been removed to join the collections of the Cincinnati Historical Society, Memorial Hall does retain a collection of portraits and other important artifacts.

Cincinnati Memorial Hall was designed for patriotic oratory and meetings of its community of veterans and citizens. There are two principal zones of activity, the Green and Gold Rooms on the First Floor and the Joni Herschede Auditorium on the Second Floor. Also located on the Second Floor is the Veterans' Gallery which is now the location of the American Classical Music Hall of Fame.

The Green and Gold Rooms are of equal size and open off of a central hallway allowing visitors to move easily between them. They are used for meetings and for modestly sized receptions in connection with events in the auditorium. There are a limited number of chairs and tables, both round and rectangular. These rooms have air conditioning and a small prep kitchen adjoins the Gold Room.

The Auditorium has a seating capacity of more than 500 places including seating in the balcony; 370, auditorium 116 and boxes 50. The auditorium stage is best suited to public speaking events and chamber music players since it is not very deep and does not have a backstage crossover route. Small rooms that are adjacent offer "Green Room" spaces. There is a small pit in front of the stage used for recording purposes. Microphones and a modest sound system are available along with a portable projection screen.

In consideration of these amenities and the available equipment Memorial Hall is best suited to performances of acoustic music and the spoken word. Handicapped accessibility is available through an addition to the building on the north façade where an elevator is located.

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