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Jesús López-Cobos

WGUC salutes Jesús López-Cobos for fifteen spectacular seasons as music director of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

Jesús López-CobosCSO Music Director Emeritus Jesús López-Cobos will conduct four concerts with the CSO in the 2001-2002. He visited WGUC to talk about returning to Cincinnati, his "retirement" and what lies ahead.

The "retired" life after the CSO
56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

Memorable events since leaving the CSO
56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

What lies ahead from Maestro López-Cobos
56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

Maestro López-Cobos conducts the CSO in February 2002:

  • Gličre's Symphony No. 3 in B Minor, from Il'ya Muromets: 56K/ISDN | T1/Cable
  • Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-flat Minor with pianist Barry Douglas: 56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

    The second longest tenured music director in CSO history, López-Cobos joined the orchestra in 1986. At the end of his tenure, he conducted 564 concerts, made 26 recordings with the orchestra, conducted the first nationally telecast performance, and taken the CSO to thirteen states and eight countries. In addition, López-Cobos received the Medalla de Oro de las Bellas Artes (Gold Medal of the Fine Arts) from the government of Spain, and he was named an Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture.

    Maestro Jesús López-Cobos recently visited WGUC and spoke with Mark Perzel about his 15 years with the CSO and what's in his future.

    A fifteen-year relationship with the CSO
    56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

    Leaving behind a solid organization
    56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

    The CSO: A world-class orchestra
    56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

    Winding down: "There's only time for music"
    56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

    Conductor Emeritus López-Cobos returns for four concerts next season
    56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

    On Maestro Järvi's Northern European and Scandinavian music for next season
    56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

    The dreamy, lyrical character of Scandinavian music
    56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

    What's next for Maestro López-Cobos?
    56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

    First WGUC Ovation Award Presented

    90.9 has created the WGUC Ovation Award, to be presented to persons in the Cincinnati area who have enriched classical music and the arts. The first WGUC Ovation Award is being presented to Jesús López-Cobos, in honor of his tenure as Music Director of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

    The board, staff and management of WGUC extends its thanks and congratulations to Maestro López-Cobos for his outstanding work in our city. Bravo!

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