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HD Radio: The Difference Is Clear

HD RadioWhat is HD Radio™?

HD Radio™ broadcasting brings you higher quality audio, offering CD quality sound and static-free crystal clear reception. The HD Radio™ technology is a digital radio standard that was developed by iBiquity Digital and recognized by the Us Federal Communications Commission as radio’s digital broadcast standard.

Dr. Judy Van Ginkel, chair of the WGUC Board of Directors, and her granddaughter, Caroline Mooney activate the new WGUC digital transmitter.
Dr. Judy Van Ginkel, chair of the WGUC
Board of Directors, and her granddaughter, Caroline Mooney activate the new WGUC digital transmitter.

How does HD Radio™ broadcasting work?

WGUC bundles analog and digital signals and transmits them together on the same broadcast frequency. Your radio receives and decodes the transmission. An HD Radio™ receiver picks up and decodes the digital signal. Older analog receivers continue to pick up the analog signal with no change.

If I can still receive an analog signal, why should I switch to HD Radio™?

Today’s HD Radio™ technology has many features. They include:

  • FM Multicasting – the ability to broadcast multiple program streams over a single FM frequency. WGUC has two program streams: Classical music on WGUC HD1 and Jazz on WGUC HD 2.
  • Static-free, crystal clear reception
  • FM sounds as sensational as CDs
  • In the very near future, WGUC will broadcast additional text and images via its HD Radio™ signal providing the potential for data such as composer, performer, work title, CD information, weather and traffic alerts
  • Digital broadcasts are free

What is multicasting?

HD Radio™ technology enables WGUC to broadcast more than one program stream on its existing spectrum. WGUC currently has two program streams: Classical music on WGUC HD1 and Jazz on WGUC HD 2.

How do I find WGUC’s HD channels on the radio dial?

WGUC’s broadcasts continue to be found at 90.9 FM. You do not need to learn a new station number or position on the radio dial. To receive WGUC’s HD signals you must have an HD Radio™ receiver. Tune up the dial from channel to channel in the same way you have always tuned in your favorite radio stations. HD Radio™ receivers detect digital and multicast station availability and tune to these automatically. (Tuning techniques vary by manufacturer. Check your owner’s manual.)

How can I get an HD Radio™ receiver?

Table-top and car HD Radios are readily available both online and in many major electronics stores, including Best Buy, Radio Shack, Circuit City and Wal-Mart.

Or purchase your radio through either Polk Audio, the NPR Shop or crutchfield.com and your purchase benefits WGUC. WGUC has also partnered with PolkAudio and Radiosophy to make HD radios available at an affordable price. Your purchase will go to supporting WGUC.

Will I someday not be able to receive WGUC on my present receiver -- at home and in the car?

Not for a very long time. The FCC is relying on marketplace competition, instead of a mandate, to move the digital radio conversion ahead. This is already happening as the technology is now more common in the marketplace and prices are continuing to fall as time goes on.

More questions about HD Radio™?
Contact us for more information.
Read more.

The Difference Is Clear
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