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Remembering Myron Bennett
Myron Bennett
Listen to Myron Bennett
open his program "PM"

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of former WGUC Music Director and classical music host Myron Bennett on Saturday, August 7, 2010. Myron joined WGUC within its first year of operation and was instrumental in building the station’s long legacy of broadcast and classical music excellence. Every afternoon for 30 years, Myron shared his love and knowledge of classical music with his devoted listeners. He also had a deep love for jazz which he too shared on WGUC. We express our deepest sympathies to his family and friends and join in their sorrow.

Several years ago, Myron shared his story with WGUC listeners through wguc.org. He began “If you’re on the air, you do a lot of introducing yourself, because there is always at least one person who never heard you before, who has no idea of who you are. You introduce yourself a lot. So for those of you who might have started listening to WGUC after I retired, I used to say this every weekday afternoon: “Good afternoon! The program is PM, and I’m Myron Bennett.”

And then we’d spend some time together listening to music. Since the 30-plus years I was with WGUC were perhaps the largest part of that story, I wanted to share it with you who listened then, and perhaps this way, be on WGUC one more time.”

We encourage you to visit with Myron once again through his words.

In thinking back about his career he also said:

“I may be giving the impression here that I was having a lot of fun, doing things I wanted to do, playing the music I wanted to hear. Well, yes. Of course. But I knew you were there. What I scheduled and played was so that I could share it with you. I still have that habit -- the rare visitor in my apartment is liable to be asked if he/she would like to hear anything. In an earlier chapter I noted the progress of the technologies of radio and recording and music. It was beginning to go faster around this time, and a few years after I began at WGUC we took the fairly large step of broadcasting in stereo. Then in what seems a very short time the Compact Disc came along, and I used my contacts with the Phillips record company to get a Phillips CD player, and WGUC was the first Cincinnati station to broadcast a digital recording on a CD. The technology kept on coming, even faster after I left, it seems to me. And I’m still amazed at the changes we’ve been witness to.”

It was our privilege to have Myron as a friend and colleague. His passion for music and broadcast excellence made WGUC the station it is today. He built WGUC’s foundation and was beloved by his listeners and will be truly missed by all who knew and loved him.

The first announcer I heard on WGUC was Myron Bennett. The program was on Friday evenings and was titled "Friday Night". Sometimes I would have to sit through the last bit of a UC football game before he could come on (if the game ran over). I was 15 years old and learned much about classical music from him. He exposed me to many composers I had not yet heard of. I attribute my interest/love of 20th century music to Myron. I listened to him every weekday afternoon on his "PM" program while working. I missed him the day he retired.
Tom Braun
When I see the letters WGUC, I hear the voice of Myron Bennett; they are almost synonymous. Like many, I will miss Myron, but his spirit will never be gone. His voice will always linger in the airwaves of 90.9.
Wendy Beckman from Beckman Communications
Just another remembrance... Myron and I put together what (we thought) was a commercial dance band.. Just a quintet. Trumpet, sax, accordion, bass and drums. Our first gig was for the opening of some amusement park. They had a little dance hall and we agreed to play for the gate. At the end of the evening we split the gate. Twenty-five cents apiece!
Ron Lipka from ronlipkamusic.com
As we attended Hughes High School together Myron became my closest and best friend. We spent countless hours together investigating jazz, listening to jazz, attending jazz events, hanging out in jazz bars and trying to become real jazz players. We also reached out into literature and philosophy hoping to understand. I have a very fond memory of going together out to Lunken Airport to see/hear Jean Shepherd's radio show. Jean had a fantastic nightly show on WSAI and we were great fans, That night he let Myron sit in for a while on his show and I know that it was Myron's very first live radio shot. I moved on to a career as musician and music educator in New Mexico but my memories of our great friendship have not faded.
Ron Lipka from ronlipkamusic.com
I remember Myron with much fondness and also amusement; he had a great sense of humor. He was a huge influence on me and my work; today I host a daily classical radio show in Washington DC, and have done so here for 25 years. Thank you, Myron, for your enthusiasm and love of music. I hope you are at one with the angelic choirs and music of the spheres.
Marilyn Cooley from Classical WETA-FM

Please submit your thoughts and remembrances of Myron for inclusion in this online tribute.


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