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Carpe Demon

Carpe Demon
Adventures of a Demon-hunting Soccer Mom
by Julie Kenner

Review by: Craig R. Stafford

Kate Connor has traded one sort of battle for another. She battles the crowds at the grocery store, the tantrums of a toddler, and the sarcasm-laden eyerolls of her teenage daughter. She also wields a mean canape tray as she attempts to be the perfect hostess during her husband's political schmoozing in his attempt to become the new County Attorney.

Then her past comes back with a vengence. Kate used to be a demon hunter. Trained from childhood by a secret arm of the Vatican, she hunted down demons and vampires. Moments before her husband's guests are supposed to arrive for cocktail hour, a demon crashes through her kitchen window quite intent on killing her. Luckily, those wine glasses come in handy. Kate kills the demon and hides its corpse in her pantry without her family or guests being any the wiser.

Suddenly, in addition to picking up the dry cleaning and potty training the toddler, disposing of a dead demon and heading off further demon attacks have been added to Kate's "to-do" list. Of course, all of her demon hunting must be done in utter secrecy, only her contact at the Vatican and a newly assigned mentor know about her hunting. It's not easy explaining to the neighbors why you're fencing with Swiffer handles in the backyard.

Julie Kenner's written a fun book that's a bit of "what if Buffy grew up, got married, and became a soccer mom." Perfect beach reading...exactly what I needed! This is the perfect novel to keep in the car for doctor's visits, extra-long lunch hours or anytime your reading is interrupted. (Shhh! Don't tell my boss and I won't tell yours!)


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