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Cincinnati Cincinnati Orchestra

Paavo JärviThe Paavo Perspective

Here's your opportunity to know more about the CSO's music director.
Paavo Järvi shares memories of a household frequented by noted composers and musicians, thoughts on developing his own passion for classical music and insight into classical music on stage and off. (Audio clips are formatted for RealPlayer.)

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Composers & Conductors

Can a Soloist Conduct at the Same Time?New
Are two heads better than one? Sometimes, but sometimes not.

Favorite Composers
Working hard with music that doesn't come naturally.

Under-Performed Composers
A particular 20th century composer gets little attention.

The Most Influential Conductor
A star's magnetism and love of music was eye-opening.

Today's Best Conductors
The most intriguing of today's conductors.

Pushing the Limits from the Podium
An exciting time for young conductors.

Life with the CSO


Paavo Järvi, the twelfth music director in CSO history, discusses his opening season.

Video clips are formatted for RealPlayer. Click the links that best suit your connection speed. We strongly recommended downloading the latest version.

A series of firsts
56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

An eclectic season of discovery
56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

Bringing new soloists to Cincinnati
56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

Bringing Nordic music to a larger audience
56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

A fast transition
56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

Looking forward to a livable city
56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

Learning from children
56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

Remembering his teacher, Max Rudolf
56K/ISDN | T1/Cable

Why Cincinnati?
Experiences as a guest conductor drew Paavo to Cincinnati.

His Goals as a Conductor
A world-class orchestra allows for lofty goals.

On Record with the CSO
The Symphony's recording contract is vital for attracting attention.

The Symphony and the Media
The close relationship between the CSO and WGUC is crucial.

CSO Rookies
Simple advice for newcomers to Music Hall.

Obligations Away from Cincinnati
Paavo advises the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra.

Growing Up Järvi

American Classical Music Behind the Iron CurtainNew
Hearing Bernstein, Copland and other Western music while growing up in the Soviet Union.

Instruments Paavo Played Growing UpNew
Percussion, piano and more. Plus, does Paavo like the viola?

The Importance of Music EducationNew
Teaching not only appreciation of music, but life lessons as well.

Education Starts Early
Music was demystified at a young age.

Shostakovich or Soccer?
An easy choice for young Paavo—soccer.

Sabre Dance for Khachaturian
Paavo's living room recital for Aram Khachaturian.

A Tight-Knit Community
Estonian music luminaries frequented the Järvi home.

A Father's Influence
Neeme Järvi's passion for music inspired his sons.

Family and Colleagues
Musical insights from on-the-road conversations with father Neeme.

Three Conductors in the Family
The family conductor network provides endless mentoring.

Neeme Järvi Changes OrchestrasNew
Paavo's father moves from Detroit to New Jersey.

Behind the Scenes

Paavo Wins Estonia's First GrammyNew
How the Grammy win will help musicians and artists in his native country.

Inspiration Comes Easy
When your job is making the music of Mozart and Mahler, it's easy to get inspired.

Part Football Coach, Part Theatre Director
A conductor's role is a mixed bag.

Pre-Concert Rituals
Admittedly not a glamorous routine, but it works.

The Conductor's Comfort Food
Chinese, Japanese and ever-reliable Italian.

Classical Carrier Pigeons
Guest artists and conductors are the industry news sources.

Paavo Online, Part I
Websites are invaluable for distributing reliable information to the classical music world.

Paavo Online, Part II
From composer research to instant communication across the world.

On Stage

A Never-Ending Search
There is never a "definitive performance."

The Human Touch
Making music is about human interaction.

Flexibility with the Score
The conductor begins to develop ownership over a piece of music.

Connecting with Musicians on Stage
Music helps close personal connections develop on stage.

Stage Fright?
Not with 100 friends on stage with you.

Conveying Emotions in Music
The conductor helps musicians get "behind the notes."

Communicating with an Orchestra
Human and musical personality makes you successful.

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