Claude Monet: The Immersive Experience brings art to life for Summer 2023

Are you and your family looking for a local adventure? Claude Monet: The Immersive Experience could be your next summer highlight.  

 “What it really comes down to, is that we create these opportunities for people to experience art in a new and unique way,” said John Zaller, the Executive Producer of Exhibition Hub who helped bring the immersive experience to life.  

The immersive experience consists of a four-part journey through the world of Claude Monet: 360 degrees, VR, art and life and interactive.  

360 degrees provides the opportunity to be completely submerged into a 360-degree digital art exhibit with some of Monet’s most well-known paintings in a 20,000 square foot room.  

When you’re done taking in the astonishment of the digital art exhibit, imagine being immersed into a vibrant painting right before your eyes in a virtual reality using a VR headset. 

After experiencing Monet’s world visually, the history behind his creative abilities is right around the corner. Guests will have the chance to get to know his background through the art of storytelling.  

And last, but not least, adults and children are welcome to create their own masterpieces within the interactive portion of the experience.  

“This kind of cultural programming and exhibitions in general are an essential part of refreshing oneself, refreshing sore, recharging, getting centered, that allows you to take some richness back to your everyday life,” he said. 

According to Zaller, the immersive experience took about six months of preparation. Not including 10 additional days of setting up the gallery that covers over 6,000 square feet, has 30-foot-tall ceilings and 40 projectors.  

From digital animators to composers and video projection technicians, in total over 100 people were involved with bringing Monet’s artwork to life in the queen city.  

However, all the behind-the-scenes work involving planning and hard work for the immersive experience is beyond worth it, explained Zaller. 

 “So that’s really the part of it that is also most satisfying for me, is that we can offer this kind of cultural outlet, this cultural experience that is also an essential part of the human experience,” he said.  

Despite immersive experiences being held across the country, Zaller and his team decided to choose Cincinnati as one of the 12 major cities to hold the exhibit.  

“It’s a wonderful city to come to for the weekends. It’s a wonderful city where people plan a short trip where they can get away and then we’re able to offer something that’s different and unique that they don’t get in their cities,” said Zaller.  

For more information on Claude Monet: The Immersive Experience click here. The last day in Cincinnati to visit the immersive experience is October 1, 2023.

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