A Classics for Kids Workshop for K-5

You are invited to a FREE special teacher's workshop presented by Classics for Kids® educational consultant Dr. Kay Edwards - Saturday, April 13 10:00 am - 12:00 pm. The workshop takes place at Miami University in Oxford, OH.

Get creative, hands-on experiences and lesson planning resources for integrating classical music into your classroom, including NEW plans featuring the music of Bach. Participants will sing, play instruments, create, move, and relate music activities to other subject areas.

This month, Classics for Kids features Women's History Month.

This week's show is What's It Like to Be a Conductor?.
A program featuring acclaimed conductor JoAnn Falletta, who talks about her early love of music, how seeing her first symphony concert inspired her to become a conductor, and all the listening and preparation that goes into being successful at her job.

Classics for Kids is sponsored by The Charles H. Dater Foundation