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Cincinnati Spotlight Intermission

Until our local arts organizations can again open for business, Cincinnati Spotlight takes an Intermission, an opportunity for these groups to reintroduce themselves to you and provide updates on what alternative programming they are offering and what they are looking forward to in the brighter days ahead.

Hear Cincinnati Spotlight Intermission each weekday around 9:50 a.m. and 4:50 p.m.

Cincinnati Spotlight Intermission is sponsored by Wimberg Landscaping, proud to support the tremendous arts organizations in Cincinnati and the Tristate region.

Local arts organizations: WGUC wants to put the spotlight on your current activities during this time of performance intermission. How are you interacting with your audiences this summer? What are you planning for the future? Contact us and let us know!

Cincinnati Spotlight Intermission for November 18

Pyramid Hill "Journey Borealis"

Sean FitzGibbons, Executive Director

Learn more about Pyramid Hill "Journey Borealis"

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