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Track List:

Part 1:

  1. John Williams
    "Devil's Dance"
    The Witches of Eastwick
    Gil Shaham, violin; Jonathan Feldman, piano
    DG 463483

  2. Max Steiner
    Main title
    King Kong
    National Philharmonic Orchestra/Charles Gerhardt

  3. Danny Elfman
    Main title
    Planet of the Apes
    Studio Orchestra/Pete Anthony
    Sony 89666

  4. Danny Elfman
    "Woe Darkman, Woe"
    Cincinnati Pops/Erich Kunzel
    Telarc 80251

  5. John Williams
    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
    Studio Orchestra/John Williams
    Warner 83491

  6. Modest Mussorgsky
    "Night on Bald Mountain"
    Cincinnati Pops/Erich Kunzel
    Telarc 80338

Part 2:

  1. Jerry Goldsmith
    "Sand Volcano"
    The Mummy
    Cincinnati Pops/Erich Kunzel
    Telarc 80535

  2. Mark Snow
    "Threnody in X"
    The X-Files
    Cincinnati Pops/Erich Kunzel
    Telarc 80535

  3. Bernard Herrmann
    "Outer Space/Space Control"
    The Day the Earth Stood Still
    National Philharmonic/Charles Gerhardt
    Lon 443899

  4. John Williams
    "Duel of Fates"
    Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
    London Symphony Orchestra/John Williams
    Sony 51333

  5. Bernard Herrmann
    Music for Hitchcock's Vertigo
    London Philharmonic/Bernard Herrmann
    Lon 443895

  6. Wendy Carlos
    The Shining
    Cincinnati Pops/Erich Kunzel
    Telarc 80580

Part 3:

  1. Mark Mancina
    "House Visit"
    Cincinnati Pops/Erich Kunzel
    Telarc 80437

  2. John Corigliano
    "Pope's Gypsy Cadenza"
    The Red Violin
    Joshua Bell, violin
    Sony 63010

  3. Franz Waxman
    Passacaglia for Orchestra
    Sorry, Wrong Number
    Queensland SO/ Richard Mills
    Varese 5242

  4. Carl Orff
    O Fortuna/Carmina Burana
    Natural Born Killers, Excalibur
    Arnold Schoenberg Choir, Vienna Philharmonic/Andre Previn
    DG 439950

  5. Elliot Goldenthal
    Batman Forever
    Cincinnati Pops/Erich Kunzel
    Telarc 80437

  6. Danny Elfman
    "Main title"
    Studio Orchestra/Bill Ross
    MCA 10065

  7. Henry Mancini/Masatoshi Mitsumoto/Angelo Lavagnino
    Tarantula/The Beast from 20000 Fathoms/Gorgo
    David Buttolph, Radio Symphony Orchestra of Krakow
    Monstrous Movie Music 1951

  8. Dmitri Tiomkin
    Thing From Another World
    National Philharmonic/Charles Gerhardt

Part 4:

  1. Carl Stalling
    WB Cartoon "Anxiety Song"
    Warner Brothers Orchestra/Carl Stalling
    Warner Brothers 26027

  2. Herbert Stothart
    Wizard of Oz
    MGM Studio Orchestra/Herbert Stothart
    Turner Movies Classics 272847

  3. Howard Shore
    "A Knife in the Dark"
    Lord of the Rings
    London Philharmonic Orchestra/Howard Shore Reprise 48110

  4. John Williams
    London Symphony Orchestra/John Williams
    Sony 51333

  5. John Williams
    "Scherzo for Motorcycle"
    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    Boston Pops/John Williams
    Sony 51333

  6. Max Steiner
    The Beast With Five Fingers
    Moscow Symphony Orchestra/William Stromberg
    MarcoPolo 225132

  7. Bernard Herrmann
    London Symphony Orchestra/Bernard Hermann
    Hippo 64661

  8. Bernard Herrmann
    On Dangerous Ground
    The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra/Paul Bateman
    SSD 1093

  9. James Newton Howard
    "Main title"
    Studio Orchestra/Pete Anthony
    Hollywood 62368

  10. Danny Elfman
    Sleepy Hollow
    Cincinnati Pops/Erich Kunzel
    Telarc 80580

  11. Danny Elfman
    "This is Halloween"
    The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Danny Elfman and Friends/Chris Boardman
    Disney 60855

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